Guelph’s Going Green!

Elizabeth May
Just on the train, heading to the next set of by-elections in Montreal. The news out of Guelph is electrifying -- Guelph is going Green! Drive down any tree-lined street of homes or turn any corner in the city and you see Green Party signs. “Vote Mike Nagy.” Our office is even more perfect than the one we had in London. Great location and a wonderful buzz as volunteers sign up. People have been lining up to get their lawn signs. The space is on a busy intersection. The Mike Nagy Green Party office is surrounded by the logos of a globalized world -- McDonald’s, Pizza Delight, Wendy’s -- as we proclaim the antidote to “More and Global” in “Less and Local!!” A former discount car rental, the garage doors now open on a busy area called “the Volunteer Lounge.” The office area works well for reception and more private meetings. The fridge is stocked with organic veggies and fresh homemade baking arrives with heart-warming frequency. What I loved best is the “naturalization” of the asphalted parking area. Picnic tables and potted tress and flowering bushes make the space feel park-like. Between two poles near the street, Green Party volunteers strung a clothes line where a row of “Guelph’s Going Green” t-shirts flutter in the wind. I strongly recommend you send a donation to the Mike Nagy campaign and ask for a t-shirt. After September 8th and the news of electing our first Green MP, they are going to be collector’s items. Better yet, plan on getting to Guelph to help with door to door canvassing, or offer to help phone canvassing from your own home. We will not get another chance this perfect to elect a Green MP before the next general election... Please, take a moment from your August plans and give the Mike Nagy campaign a hand!