Virtual General Meeting 2021

The Green Party of Canada’s first ever Virtual General Meeting (VGM) will be held from Friday, November 26th to Saturday, November 27th, 2021. We are excited to connect with you and all of our fellow Greens, to showcase how Green participatory democracy makes us different from everyone else. 

Our team of moderators and facilitators will be with you through every step of the meeting, Our Leader and elected MPs are in our program, including a Saturday evening gala that will have volunteer awards, networking and an auction. Our professionally-staffed EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) and safety team will be available throughout the weekend should you have any concerns.

We want this General Meeting to demonstrate how we, as Greens, can disagree and debate respectfully while remaining unified around our common goals. 

Join us, and our team of members, candidates, artists, and entertainers working to show how our General Meetings can be the healthy democratic processes that our country sorely needs.

Registration information

We’re doing things a bit differently for this General Meeting, including pay-what-you-can pricing! 

You can register for the General Meeting without paying anything, but we’d like to encourage you to show your appreciation for this approach, which will allow many Greens to participate in a General Meeting for the first time, by contributing a bit more. We’ve even designed some Green packages to thank you for your generosity.  

We hope you're excited about bringing participatory democracy to more Greens than ever before!

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Registration deadline will be November 24th.

If you want to watch the VGM as an observer, register to receive information on how to watch the public broadcast of the General Meeting.

If you’re a member of the media, contact to be added to the media list.