2021-2022 Proposals

The voting results are now in.

Thank you to all who participated in this important process! The results are available below.

Approved Proposals

G21-P001 Support Carbon Sequestration on Farms
G21-P003 Incentivize Farms to Increase Biodiversity
G21-P004 Move Away From Pesticides and Biocides
G21-P005 Use Public and Central Banking to Address Public Emergencies and Build a Green Economy
G21-P007 Creating Access to Banking Services at Canada Post Outlets
G21-P010 Align the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board with the Paris Agreement
G21-P011 Promoting Social Purpose Businesses
G21-P012 Right to Repair: A Circular Economy Imperative
G21-P013 Food Waste: Anathema to Food Security
G21-P014 Establishing a National Carbon Budget
G21-P015 Remove GPC “Population Control” Policy to Better Reflect Party Values
G21-P016 Make Community Wealth an Economic and Social Priority
G21-P017 Achieving Housing For All Through Market Regulation & Public Investment in Housing
G21-P018 Require Environmental Accountability for Products and Services
G21-P019 A Well-Being Dashboard for Canada — Measuring What Matters Most
G21-P020 Invest In a Green Recovery Plan
G21-P023 Reduce Fossil Fuel Use in Canada’s Territories, Remote Communities and Northern Industries via Culturally and Geographically Appropriate Approaches
G21-P027 Reduce Strategic Dependency on Gross and Systematic Human Rights Violators
G21-P028 Advocate for a National Internet Access Strategy that Prioritizes Environmental and Human Health
G21-P030 National Seniors Strategy
G21-P033 Universal Long-Term Care and Establishing National Standards
G21-P034 Universal Access to Post-Secondary Education
G21-P035 Make Universal Design the Basic Standard in All Building Codes
G21-P037 Indigenous Peoples’ Collective Control and Veto Over Resource Projects and Endeavours Impacting Their Traditional Lands and Territories
G21-P038 Align Canada’s Constitution with UNDRIP
G21-P040 Implementing a National Decarceration Strategy
G21-P041 Relieve Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System of the Portfolio of Cannabis Prosecution
G21-P042 Work Towards an International Treaty Against Ecocide
G21-P043 Acknowledgement of Institutional Racism in Canada
G21-P044 Establish Participatory Economic Democracy
G21-P045 Equitable Treatment for Temporary Foreign Workers
G21-P046 Maximum Wage
G21-P049 Promote the Ecological Health of Canada’s Forests
G21-P050 Give NGOs Equal Access to Policymakers
G21-P052 Safe and Accountable Firearms Ownership and Usage
G21-P055 Ensuring Intergenerational Justice via a Wellbeing of Future Generations Act
G21-P056 Eliminate Extreme Wealth Via Progressive Taxation
G21-P057 Income, Wealth and Estate Tax Reform to Address Inequality
G21-P058 End Taxation of Poverty
G21-P059 Update Health Canada's Guidelines for Microwave Radiation Exposure
G21-E008 Meaningful Oversight of RCMP
G21-E010 Responding to Dual Crises Unfolding in British Columbia

Rejected Proposals




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