Surrealistic Days

Elizabeth May
Sorry it has been so long since I have written anything for the blog. Of course, I am writing all the time. I was particularly proud of the quick turn around on the analysis of the Harper government scare tactic economic “study” last Thursday -- “Economic Armegeddon and the Baird Kyoto Fear Factory.” (see press release area of web site). So much happens in any given day, that I think of a half dozen blogs and never have time to write them. Yesterday, for example, featured a meeting at the US Embassy on the Security and Prosperity Partnership, media interviews, Question Period, a speech to the Harvard Club and running into John Baird. The US Government did not like my speech to the Council of Canadians’ sponsored “Integrate this” conference. It was broadcast on CPAC. I thought I had agreed to meet with someone from the Embassy at my office. In fact, I was asked to come to the US Embassy, an ugly fortress in the middle of Ottawa, for a meeting. I am so busy, even the time to go there, clear security, led to an inner voice of rebellion….The meeting itself was stunning. I was led to a well protected room where a delegation of ten Embassy officials waited to meet with me! Maximum intimidation potential. Ten of them sat around the immense table. One woman tried to leave to get something photocopied for me and the door would not open, even with her repeated efforts to punch in her security code. The windows were well barred from the inside as well. They had to call for outside help. One fellow said they call this room "Hotel California." A sense of humour can permeate any fortress. I explained the biggest threat to security was climate change. They droned on about how the SPP effort is misunderstood... I said, in that case, they'd be glad the Green Party was determined to make this an election issue to increase public awareness. It was surrealistic. By 6 PM I was at a popular local vegetarian restaurant, The Green Door, to give a scheduled talk to the Harvard Club on the “Business Case for Kyoto.” As a large crowd milled about with trays overflowing from the yummy organic gourmet smorgasbord, who wandered in looking for his “take out” dinner, but John Baird. To the vast amusement of the gathering, I urged him to stay for my speech, but told him it was pretty much a systematic attack on his policies. He said he didn’t want to crowd in on my event. We mugged for the cameras a bit and agreed to get together soon. We do get along, which is weird. He does not take himself too seriously and I don’t take myself seriously, no matter how intensely we each pursue our goals. His goal: get Harper a majority. My goal: save Kyoto, save Canada and get to policies that protect my daughter’s future. Call it maternal instinct. Meanwhile, we are booked for a social drink and a giggle or two as soon as we can squeeze it in. Surrealistic.