Nearly in Toronto (seven hours to go...)

Elizabeth May

If you have never taken the train across Canada, you really should put it on your life list. The book "1,000 places to see before you die" carries a nice energy. These are wonderful places to see... in Thailand, in Costa Rica, in China and so on. If everyone saw all of them, by conventional transport, i.e. flying, carbon emissions from global tourism will climb ever higher.

On the other hand, seeing Canada by train is something every Canadian should do ( more than once), and it is a low carbon vacation. Plus, if you happen to be the recently elected leader of a federal political party, it is a great way to see supporters and party members.

In Winnipeg yesterday, over 30 people waited over an hour for our (running a bit late) train. We had CTV coverage and the Winnipeg Free Press. Catherine Johansson who played a key role in my campaign, and Kate Story, recently elected Manitoba rep to federal council, Ardyth ??, President of Manitoba Greens and many former candidates, (Vere Scott, Alon Wineberg, Mark Pyette) many party members gave me a terrific welcome. After my speech and some media interviews, we mingled and chatted while the train waited for re-boarding. Victoria Cate searched the station for a place to hook up to the internet, but no luck (unlike the Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto stations where the Panorama lounges are very efficient for business travellers.) So my train travelogue will await posting for after arrival in Toronto tonight.

Meanwhile, I get to sit back and watch for moose from the dome car as we roll through the lake dotted vastness of the boreal forest.