"The Wave"

Elizabeth May

I could be referencing the pub/restaurant at Western where we gathered, faculty and students last night, to discuss electoral politics and how and why I could win on November 27th....

Or we could, as I intend, to analyze the dynamics of the electoral hopeful, waving to gain support. For the last two mornings, I have been stationed in an auspicious location to greet morning traffic (and fumes) with a cheery wave and a smile from the leader/candidate.

Fortunately, I never tire of smiling. I do however, realize that the modest amounts of weight lifting at my health club were entirely inadequate to prepare me for the sporting marathon of waving known as a "by-election." Not quite a biathalon, it does require muscles in places I didn't know I had them!

For two hours this morning, for example, I waved at oncoming traffic in four directions at one of my riding's busiest corners. I tend to be an enthusiast in all things, so I give a straight armed, high handed wave, seeking out eye contact as the vehicles roll by. Several hundred every 10 minutes.... I get an encouraging number of horns honked, hands in return wave, thumbs up and even the occasional rolled down window, with the grand news "You've got my vote!"

As the last few mornings have worn on I finally grasped the genius of HRH Elizabeth R. Ever notice her wave?? One which must have been handed down from the Queen Mum and (for all I know) monarchs from time immemorial...

She waves with her hand in a slow steady deliberate motion -- nothing as undignified as my broad high handed effort. Her hand moves with an economy of motion, befitting one who knows this is a life-time gig. The royal hand is held with the outer (back of the hand) facing out and a slow steady movement like that of a wind shield wiper on pause.... The Queen (long to reign over us) knows that waving about as I have been doing could result in long term injury... or greater muscle tone (which ever comes first.)

Thank you to the open-hearted and generous residents of London. Whether you honk and wave because you are voting Green, or because you see in me a woman in the rain who needs encouragement, I thank you!!!