Running ...

Elizabeth May

I am now on the train to London having packed up a lot more than for the usual trip. With luck, I'll be there a long time!

One of the most noticeable changes about my life at Sierra Club of Canada versus Leader of the Green Party is that I have far more people introducing themselves or just stopping me on the street to say "good luck!" The Rick Mercer Report, in particular, had people not only stopping me on the street, but calling out jokes about chainsaws!

So, as I got my ticket for the train I was not too surprised as a gentleman, approached and told me his girl friend was a big Green supporter (I think he may need some work!) and we chatted about the London By-Election. As I turned back to the counter, the VIA agent, who I see all the time in the Ottawa station, exclaimed `"You, You're running for Parliament?!" He seemed so surprised, adding . "You are so busy! How will you have the time?" I laughed out loud. He has seen me for years -- running in and out of the station, downloading emails in the lounge, using the pay phone and multi-tasking before every train. (They still tease me in the station about the time I was on the pay phone and missed my train!) I explained that I would have lots of time. "If I win, it will be my only job. Full time, Member of Parliament!"

So, as I go into the unknown, having run for Parliament only once before (when I was 25 years old and ran against Deputy Prime Minister Allan J. MacEachen, a race with no all-candidate meetings or door knocking so I cannot claim to have any real campaign experience.) Ithought I would make some resolutions .

I commit to running a campaign that raises the tone of political discourse. That respects the intelligence of the voters. That makes no promise that cannot be kept. That treats the opposing candidates with dignity. And that makes a difference. The time for political games is over. We must be serious about democracy and expect more from our government. London North Centre could demonstrate the power of citizens in a democracy to speak truth to power.

Wish me luck!