Of Garth and David ...

Elizabeth May

It is funny how sometimes two completely unrelated events can get linked in media speculation. Since I generally find that Canadian journalists take 2 and 2 and get 4, I wanted to post something to quell an addition that gets 5, or even 5 and a half.

On one hand, David Chernushenko was appointed to the National Round Table on Environment and Economy on Friday. On the other, Garth Turner, Independent MP, announced he has important news to share at a press conference tomorrow. Somehow, some people got the idea that a) David's announcement heralded some change of status within the Green Party leading to b) that Garth Turner would move into his
slot...2+2=5.... WRONG...

David is currently Senior Deputy to the Leader of the Green Party of Canada. His appointment to the NRTEE is personal, in that the government press release does not mention his political affiliation. There is no thought that the roles of Senior Deputy to the Leader of the Green Party and member of the NRTEE are in any way inconsistent. For example, one of the other NRTEE members is Audrey McLaughlin. Others are also Green Party supporters in their private life. David's role in the party is unchanged.

As for Garth, all I can say is read his blog. He generally lets people know what he thinks! (and I personally can hardly wait to find out what will be revealed about the Conservative Party, PMO, and his ouster from the party at tomorrow's presser... stay tuned.).