A day in a campaign... 12 days 'til Voting Day!

Elizabeth May
This campaign gives no margin for error. Twelve days to go. And there has still not been a single all candidates meeting. Nevertheless, I am meeting as many local citizens as possible every day. Yesterday it was hundreds of Western students over the lunch hour as they rushed to class. Today's youth are well fortified against marauding politicians. Nearly all of them are plugged in to their own musical universe and move quickly through the courtyard. Thank goodness some actually want to talk with me and pose questions and share concerns. They remove ear phones, shut down cell phones and stop to chat. We actually had hundreds of students give us their emails so we can connect quickly. Today was a blast. Garth Turner not only used to live in London, he used to have a TV show on personal financial advice. People opened their door to me and were excited to see Garth. We were trailed by a good sized mob of media. Garth Turner repeated over and over that as an Independent he is free to endorse the best candidate. He also stressed that my voice was needed in the House of Commons. We are running a positive campaign that will stay on the high road. With some of the other candidates receiving coverage in a nasty spat of "he said/she said," I am grateful to have a day of media coverage based on raising the profile of Green Party policies.