Holy Smokes ...

Elizabeth May

OK, that is not really my title for today. I just grabbed it from Garth Turner's blog.

In case there is anyone reading this blog who is unaware of today's political developments....Halton MP, former Progressive Conservative Garth Turner, was thrown out of the Harper Conservative Caucus. He was thrown out of caucus on the eve of the release of the Conservative Green Plan

Garth Turner is the most web-savvy of any MP. Like UK Tory leader Cameron who has a daily "WebCameron" streaming his thoughts du jour to the web, Turner has brought Parliament Hill and the community of cyberspace together with frequent commentaries.. He is known as a maverick who pulls no punches.

This is what he has been saying lately about climate change:

"...climate change is a defining issue, and this is a landmark time for a generational government. Either we will rise to the challenge, or we will not. Those scribes sitting in the lockup will be reading about mandatory emission levels, permission-based production, mandated clean air, water and renewable energy targets, the fostering of green technology and a strategy of sustainable development, or they'll read about voluntary targets, an absolute increase in greenhouse gases, the economic supremacy of the oil sands and industry consultations.

"A new green plan was not one of the government's vaunted five priorities. It was not even a campaign promise, with the environment relegated to a trashing of Kyoto and a practical tax credit to get people on the train and the bus. But in politics a week's a long time and eight months is almost a life. Now global warming is household stuff."

I was a guest on Garth Turner's MP-TV just yesterday. It does seem a long time ago! He allowed me to explain elements of the Green Party approach and set out why it is critical that the Harper government bring out a real Green Plan. (His own earlier blog said his constituents wanted a "Green Plan with gonads." )

He has served as a member of the Sierra Legal Defence Fund Board, leaving it when he was re-elected to the House. He is a grassroots, populist businessman who cares about the planet. He is a man of integrity who listens to his constituents. According to his statement in his press conference, he has not received a call from the Prime Minister to explain his expulsion... I am wondering if it is to avoid having a Conservative MP criticizing tomorrow's Harper Green Plan release.

I'll be in the Green Plan "lock up" at 9 AM tomorrow to read the government documents and digest them before we are released to speak with the media.

I have no idea what will happen next. But as Mr. Turner says, a week is a long time in politics.