Dear Santa

Elizabeth May
My 15-year-old daughter has written another blog entry and I thought I'd like to share it in the spot where my blog should be! It is going well. Please continue to alert your friends in London that they have an amazing opportunity to change Canadian politics.

- Elizabeth Dear Santa, I know it’s been awhile. My mom’s been taking good care of me at Christmas time for the past few years. There’s something I’d really like some help with this year though. It’s not huge… I’d just really like for Mom to have a seat in the House of Commons. I saw you at the parade tonight in London. I was watching from the interior of the Braybick Bistro where we enjoyed a mélange of campaigning, food and general good-will. So I was thinking along the lines of ‘who might be able to turn things over for us?’ And there you were. Really, don’t you think it would be great to see a green in the federal leader’s debates? You know… she would force all the others out of their pre-scripted sound bites. Ruthless truth-telling, she said when she began. Sometimes I can’t believe the extent of her honesty. I’m sure it’s not always the best tactic, but it’s important to her that she doesn’t put politics ahead of what she believes in. I know you’ll see the sense in this, just like the thousands of London residents who have. So listen, I want my mom to hit the ground running in the next federal election, and this is the way to do it. Let’s make a deal. If you help us out on Monday and get all your elves to the voting stations, I’ll leave you extra cookies this year and make sure my parents leave the best wine out for you.

VCThanks for your support,

VC P.S. My best wishes to Mrs. Clause and the reindeer.