Your cellphone bill is too high!

Canada has among the most expensive cell phone plans on the planet.

Without a competitive playing field, telecom giants Rogers, Bell and Telus are ringing Canadians dry while reaping huge profits.

In the modern age, everyone needs access to a cell phone. For low income families this can be their only access to resources for school, jobs, banking, community and many more critical services.

Greens will mandate affordable cell phone plans by making space for new Canadian companies to provide services and increase competitiveness, decouple payments for phones from services and modernize telecom regulations.

It’s time to close the digital divide. If enough people sign this pledge, we can show how important this issue is. Our Green caucus is hearing that Canadians have had enough of the telecom monopoly. 

Add your name now to demand accessible internet and cell service for all and help us take this conversation from the doorstep to the House of Commons.


The Green Plan for fair, affordable cell phone and internet services:

  • Ensure cell phone rates are affordable for all Canadians
  • Allow new Canadian companies to provide cell and internet services
  • Push through reforms to Canadian laws and fees which make it easier for new companies to take on Bell and Rogers
  • Create a Universal Broadband Strategy that ensures high-speed internet across the country
  • Help build the next generation of high-speed Internet to support our high-tech sector