Apply to join the Green Party Shadow Cabinet

Our Leader is looking to build a dynamic, diverse, and progressive Shadow Cabinet that reflects the extensive talent and leadership we have within our membership.

Members of Shadow Cabinet play a vital role - from promoting our bold Green policy ideas and priorities as ambassadors, to helping develop a well-researched election platform informed by member-approved policies.

Each member of Shadow Cabinet is given a specific policy portfolio, for which they are the “Critic.”

See the full list of policy portfolios

Eligibility criteria:

  • Shadow Cabinet Critics are selected and appointed by the Leader.
  • Critics must be members of the Green Party of Canada. 
  • Critics are selected for their expertise in the thematic area for which they are applying. A Critic will usually have an extensive educational, professional and/or experiential track record in the thematic area of responsibility.
  • Regional distribution, diversity of perspectives and representation of equity-seeking groups are also considerations.

Critic role description and FAQs

Additional Critic portfolios may be added in the future, and members will be notified when they are available for application.

Click here to apply

Please submit your application by April 2, 2021. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

*In addition to Shadow Cabinet, the Leader will be recruiting GPC members interested in becoming members of our Knowledge Clusters - a grassroots platform for GPC members to contribute to the work of the Cabinet - so your application may be kept on file. Should you be interested in becoming part of a Knowledge Cluster but not a Critic, please check back later – we will be posting a separate application for Knowledge Clusters soon.