Beverley Eert


Beverley has enjoyed the past two years representing Manitoba on Federal Council. She has been a member of the Party since 1987 and has been a Green candidate five times, most recently in Portage-Lisgar in 2015 and now in 2019.

Beverley and her husband are completely committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They live in an off-grid, passive-solar, earth-sheltered home. Their garden, greenhouse and orchard provide a large part of our food. The sun, through the PV system not only powers up the house, but also provides hot water for domestic use and heating. It is even charging their all electric car.

Beverley has enjoyed careers in both music and construction: a private music studio and a design-build company producing energy-efficient timber-framed homes. Since finishing the house here, Beverley and her husband have started a new business designing primarily off-grid solar systems and selling system components.