Matthew Piggott

Federal Council - Nova Scotia

I first got involved with the Green Party in 2003. This is my political home. Whether we agree or disagree, all who have worked with me know I'm here for Green values and building long term relationships.

Over the last 18 years I've held countless volunteer roles, mostly at the local EDA and campaign level, and with many provincial Green parties. I have twice held staff roles with the GPC.

These values guide my involvement: Safe spaces are a non-negotiable requirement. Kindness and being reasonable should guide decisions. Commitment to diversity and anti-oppression are not up for debate and will help grow the party. Accountability should be aligned with influence. On doit etre une partie billangue pour etre une vraie partie national. Providing space for emotional safety goes a long way towards doing the grueling work of building a national political party. And most importantly, political parties must run on trust (or else they don't work).

This next federal council needs to get back to basics. It is impossible to run a national party without functioning processes and party institutions. If something is missing we need to buildĀ it, and it's the role of Council to set the policy/procedures and then let the work be done. I'm stepping up at this moment to do that work.


Camille Davidson, Bill Matheson, Jo-Ann Roberts, Jessica Alexander, Krista Grear, Shaun Trainor, Keith Towse, Lily Barraclough