Sheila Richardson

Federal Council - Nova Scotia

Federal Council Representative for Nova Scotia.
Green Party of Canada
March, 2022
* First Nova Scotia organizer,  Green Party of Canada, 2004,  found  13 federal Candidates.
* Candidate: Cumberland Colchester 2004.
* Candidate: KIngs Hants: 2008, 2012, 2021.
* Served two terms on Federal Council 2004-2006,  2008-2010
* Served as CEO for Kings Hants federal riding 2005-2022.
* 1994 Masters in Education, Dalhousie University: Education, Counselling, Community Development.
* Adult Educator, mediator, counsellor
* 1971  B.Sc. Environmental Geography, University Ulster, N. Ireland
* Taught 9 years in N. Ireland, England.
* Head of Geography, large comprehensive, outside Oxford, England.
* 1985 came to Canada. Sarah just under one, Christopher four and a half. Experienced child care ( ecole maternelle), in France. 
* Child Care Advocate in Canada.
* Served a brief on Child Care to the Senate, 1987.
* Worked with Child Care Advocacy Groups in Nova Scotia and Canada. Issue that got me involved in politics. If there is a political will, it will happen.
* CCA Continuing Care Assistant with VON, Nurse Next Door.
* Rainbow Stitches business
* Board International students from Acadia University, Wolfville: Nigeria and Kuwait.
* Candidate four times provincially: Clayton Park 2009, Hants West, Kings South 2017, Fairview/ Clayton Park 2021.
* Ran for the Leader of the Nova Scotia Greens
* Served on the Executive of Nova Scotia Greens 2009-2018.
* Currently Convenor for Fundy Shore Region.
* 1993, federal Candidate, Halifax West, New Democratic Party.
* Christopher 41, Sarah 37, Sheila 72.
* Hope to leave a better world for my grand children: Gemma, Meah, Maeve, Harry.
* Co-Chair of Climate Change Caucus, NSEN Nova Scotia Environmental Network, 2021.
* Served four years, NSEN Board.
* member Fair Vote: lobbied Kody Blois to call a Citizens Assembly  Proportional Representation.
* Liase with federal EDA's before and after each council meeting. I would listen to comments and concerns and report back.
* I would like to continue to build the Green Party of Canada with  my energy and enthusiasm, as the Nova Scotia representative to Federal Council.


Jenn Kang, Linda Ciotti-Kandziora, Matt Penney, Doug Hickman, Ginny Point, Robert Gansel