Adrian Currie

Federal Council - Ontario

I am presently the Ontario Representative to Federal Council.

I joined the Green Party of Canada in 2009 to volunteer in a Toronto by-election. Since that time, my purpose has been to grow the Party and help make it strong, diverse and relevant: a party not run for the benefit of corporations, but to benefit ALL Canadians. A truly 21st Century Party.

I am a committed Green Volunteer. I have worked on almost every GPO & GPC campaign in Toronto St. Paul’s since 2009. I have also worked on campaigns in other Toronto EDA’s including University Rosedale, Toronto-Danforth, and most recently on the Toronto Centre and St. Paul’s 2021 campaigns, as well as my own in Davenport in 2021.

I am a lifelong environmentalist. My activism began in high school at Jarvis Collegiate and has continued through my work as a cycling and urban planning advocate with Cycle Toronto. 

Since joining Federal Council in 2020;

-     member of the EDA Revitalization Team which sent out a survey to EDA’s across the country. 
-    did an EDA Health Check Survey for Ontario EDA’s 
-    presently the Chair of the Lessons Learned Assessment Committee
-    presently the Chair of the Code of Conduct Commissioners 
-    Member of the Strategic Planning Committee 
-    member of the Leadership Contest Committee
-    member of the Human Resources Committee
-    Candidate for Davenport in the 2021 Federal Election

I am running for a second term on Federal Council because there is still a lot of work to be done. I would like to continue the work that this FC has started with renewing the Party.
But most importantly, I would like to continue the work of revitalizing Ontario EDA's to make them stronger and nimbler. In a sense, to get them ready for the next election in three years.
I have a plan to do it. It’s called Regional Collaboration, and I have the data from the above-mentioned surveys to guide me.
I believe this is one of the most important contributions I can make to the GPC at this time.


Amanda Rosenstock, Lyndsey Lewis, Tim Grant, Alison Lam, Phil De Luna