Jason Chavez-Baines

Federal Council - Ontario


My name is Jason Baines and I’m running for Ontario Rep on Federal Council. I reside in Toronto, Ontario. I am a lifelong socialist and social movement activist.  I joined the Green Party to resist the injustices associated with climate change, income inequality, discrimination, racist police violence, militarism and endless wars.

I have been involved in nuclear disarmament, peace, environmental causes, pro-choice, anti-poverty and the workers movement for over 35 years. I led a student strike at George Brown College and am a graduate of Berklee College of Music. I have media experience with every major TV network and newspaper in Canada.

I would like to help build grassroots democracy in the Green Party and connect Green party members to social movements, with increased focus on youth and student mobilization.

A progressive parliamentary party is only as strong as the grassroots and social/climate justice movements it seeks to represent. Through the power of Green ideas, collective action and eco socialism, the party can become the undisputed voice of the marginalized and oppressed in Canada and Quebec. People and Planet Over Profits.


Guy Fogel, Mike McNamee, Atul Bahl, Wendy Goldsmith, Constantine Kristonis, Mary Jo Falle, Christina Gower, Krystal Brooks, Dianne Varga, Anna Badillo, Saul Bottcher, Annette Lengyel, Mike Farnam, Vince Fiorito, Niki Ward, Karen Brill, David Heap, Julio Valencio, Howard Leznoff, Ian Thomas Shaw