Thomas Boysen

Federal Council - Saskatchewan

I have been a member of the GPC for two years and the CEO of the Regina Wascana EDA for 6 months. I work as an independent consultant doing participatory planning and evaluations of development aid projects for thirty years, mainly in Africa. When I moved to Sask in 1991, I very quickly became a member of the Battlefords Environmental Awareness Movement. Shortly afterwards I joined SES, where I served as a board member for two years.  I was living in Germany when the German Green Party was founded and have been voting Green whenever I had the chance. As a Federal Council member, I would like to create a regular two-way communication between our members and Federal Council to make sure that the concerns that move us in Sask. are heard by FC and that members are informed of what goes on in FC, except for confidential information.

I have always preferred a collaborative approach in my work, have dealt with many foreign governments and ministries as well as grass-roots organisations and fully understand the dynamics of large and diverse organisations with many diverging points of view. I believe the GPC needs to continue to be a party with a large tent that has room for people with many different opinions on many topics but who share the belief in our Green Values. I believe this will allow me to confidently represent Sask members.


Anna Nalewany, David Orban, Frances Simonson, Greg McDonald, Ken MacTaggert