Submissions are open

Policy submissions are now open!

Welcome to the 2020 Policy Process. As Greens, we are known for being a grassroots organisation and this includes the policy process. The policies we champion during elections and in Parliament are written and voted on by members.

In order to get up to speed on the process, be sure to start off by reading the proposal process overview. This user-friendly document covers much of what you need to create a good proposal. The deadline for proposal submissions is November 30th, 2020 at 12:00 pm PT. 

For information on the complete proposal process, read these supporting documents:  

  1. GPC Policy Process 
  2. Submission Rules and Drafting Standards. 

There are three types of proposals that are open for submissions at this time. 

Policy Proposals: reading the overview will help you draft appropriate proposals that will move through the policy process smoothly.
Constitutional Proposals: If you are planning to work on a constitutional motion, you should use the current constitution as your reference.
Directives: Proposals that do not seek to edit the GPC policy book or the Constitution & Bylaws of the Party.

You can use the discussion threads created in Volunteer Slack to collaborate on wordings for proposals, and identify sponsors. 

Need access to Slack? Email

Policy Proposal Timeline

Submissions Open: Oct 4 - Nov 30 
Prioritization Vote: Dec 10 - Jan 9
Notification of Prioritized Results: Jan 19 
Online or In-Person Meeting: March 21
Final Vote: April 21 - May 21

Is your resolution ready? Use this form to submit it >> 

Looking to sponsor a resolution? Use this form to do so >>

Over the summer, our policy team, made up of Shadow Cabinet and staff, have been going through the work of consolidating the Member Approved Policy book. This is crucial work, first identified by Federal Council in 2018 and more recently advanced at the request of our Green Caucus. It is now ready for your review here >>