Ombuds and Appeals Committee Recruitment

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Are you interested in helping your party achieve a high standard of governance? Do you like the idea of working in a supportive team to investigate governance issues and issue constructive recommendations?

The 2021 Ombuds and Appeals Committee will be selected soon. You can make a difference! Learn more about the work of the OAC and how to join the team.

What Am I Volunteering For?

Selected at each General Meeting, the Ombuds and Appeals Committee (OAC) is an essential part of the Green Party’s governance.

Working as an arm’s-length body, responsible directly to members, this volunteer committee receives member complaints about official party decisions and concerns about governance.

As an OAC member, you will work as part of a team guided by the OAC Terms of Reference. The OAC team will receive complaints and determine whether they fall under OAC jurisdiction. When a complaint is accepted, the OAC will work to investigate the facts surrounding the complaint, determine whether the complaint has merit, and issue recommendations to remedy the situation and/or improve matters for the future.

This important work encourages and reminds all units of the Party to reflect the Constitution and the Party's values in their decisions and conduct.

Each OAC member brings their own abilities to complement the whole. Specific career experience is not required, though some types of experience are helpful. Any combination of the following attributes and qualifications are of value within the OAC team:

  • Past familiarity with constitutions, procedural rules, and governance matters (GPC or other organizations).
  • Training or experience in dispute resolution, mediation, or law.
  • Integrity, fairness, and high ethical standards.
  • Impartiality, and a willingness to abstain from internal party debates as necessary to preserve the neutrality of the OAC.
  • Experience with the principles of both natural justice and restorative justice.
  • Judgment, composure, and decision-making skills.
  • Empathy and sensitivity to diversity.
  • Written and oral communication skills, including tact, diplomacy, and discretion.
  • Thoroughness, detail-orientation, and commitment to task completion.
  • Commitment to openness and transparency, while also respecting confidentiality and safeguarding the privacy of complainants and other involved parties.

If you’re excited to make an impact by setting a high standard of governance within the Green Party of Canada, the OAC needs you!




Ombuds and Appeals Committee Applicants - 18th Annual General Meeting


The application period for the 2021 Ombuds and Appeals Committee has closed and the list of candidates has been finalized.

Applications were received by the Ombuds Candidate Screening Committee (OCSC), a sub-team of the VGM Organizing Committee.

The OCSC verified that applications were complete, and that each applicant met a minimal list of criteria. All applicants have attested that they are members in good standing, not employed by the party, not serving in key elected positions, not involved in legal proceedings with the party, not indebted to the party, and have not been convicted or professionally disciplined for an ethics-related offence. No other screening criteria have been applied.

About the Candidate Profiles

The profiles below are grouped by region and sorted alphabetically by first name. Each candidate’s profile may also include their gender and preferred pronouns. Inclusion of gender and/or pronouns is voluntary.

Candidates were also given the option to have their profile labelled with the phrase “equity-seeking candidate”. This label indicates that the candidate self-identifies in one or more equity-seeking groups (including women, Indigenous Peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people identifying as LGBTQIA2S+, and people experiencing poverty). This label is voluntary and candidates were not required to disclose the group(s) to which they belong.


Bylaw 7 of our constitution calls on members to select the OAC with “due regard and respect for gender parity and regional balance”. When you vote, we ask that you fulfil this responsibility by including these criteria in your choices. Please use your own judgment to integrate these criteria with other factors in your decision, while also keeping in mind that candidates were not required to disclose their gender.

When voting, you can rank as few or as many candidates as you desire. Between 5 and 10 seats will be elected. If you prefer a smaller OAC, rank fewer candidates and leave the remaining candidates unranked. If you prefer a larger OAC, rank more candidates.

Candidate profiles

Atlantic Region (Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) (1)

Bill Matheson, Atlantic Region (he/him)

I have been an active member of provincial and federal political parties since 1999. From 1999 to 2018, I was a member of the federal and Nova Scotia NDP. While with the NDP, I was the CEO of both provincial and federal EDAs, sat on the NS NDP Council and Executive, and spent a year and a half as President of the provincial party. During my time with the NS NDP, I took an active interest in governance, acted as parliamentarian at Council meetings, and helped to revise the Constitution on several occasions.

Since January 1, 2019, I’ve been a member of the GPC and the GPNS, and have held a number of volunteer and paid positions, including federal campaign manager in Halifax, part-time provincial Organizer, and Membership Director for the GPNS. I have continued to be interested in governance. I joined the OAC in April of 2020, and I’ve participated in OAC meetings and revisions of internal documents, but have not been an author of any reports on complaints. I fully understand the importance of impartiality and fairness for OAC members. I want to continue as a member of OAC, and to participate in its important work.

I have lived in Nova Scotia most of my life, except for 6 years in New Brunswick and 4 in Ontario. I have had contact with Greens in NB and PEI, and feel I can provide a regional voice for Atlantic Canada on the OAC.

British Columbia Region (4)

Jan Slakov, BC Region (she/elle)

Hoping to foster Power With, not Power Over-

I think it’s really important that our party be a space where people can work constructively and effectively for positive change. This means nurturing a supportive culture, which respects our principles, in particular our commitment to truthfulness, transparency and accountability as outlined in the “participatory democracy” principle. It also means working to make sure that we treat each other with respect and fairness (and step up to stop abusive behavior).

I have quite a bit of experience as a facilitator in restorative justice cases and as a circle keeper. I’m bilingual (Fr-Eng) and have undertaken some training and personal learning to increase my sensitivity to concerns around DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion). I’d like to give a “shout out” to Shakil Choudhury , Annahid Dashtgard & their team at Anima Leadership, as doing great work in this area. And the team organizing this VGM has been doing an exemplary job with respect to DEI. I have a commitment to honesty, respecting (but not abusing) confidentiality, completing commitments and fairness.


Kathleen DeWitt, BC Region [Equity-Seeking Candidate]

I have been environmentally active since a young teenager and a member of GPC since the 1990s.  My degrees are in engineering (BSc Chemical and Environmental Engineering, MSc Civil Engineering for International Development) and I have been working in the environmental and development/humanitarian field since 1991. 

I am a professional mediator and facilitator and have been practicing for over twenty years (including as a court appointed mediator with Alberta Justice; my professional certification is through ADRIC).  I am an active member of the conflict resolution community and currently teach mediation and facilitation as a university course. 

I have been an active member of the OAC for more than two decades.  I strongly believe the OAC is important as a means of reminding all those in the GPC to abide by Green Values as well as providing the ability to speak Truth to Power, both of which I believe should be part of a vibrant and effective GPC, so I would be pleased to continue on the OAC.


Nick Dickinson-Wilde, BC Region (he/him)

I have been involved in environmental movements all my life although professionally I'm a web developer. Involved in both federal and provincial Green parties – executive member on both a federal EDA and a provincial RA. I have frequent campaign experience both locally (Southern Vancouver Island) and in the broader green community such as the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia provincial Elections.

When not engaged in politics, I'm an avid cyclist (although sometimes I’m political about cycling too) and love being involved in community events. I also love hiking, swimming and boating and teach karate.

I’ve been Green Party membership since I was 16 (some lapses due to $). Speaking of challenges, the primary reason I’m running for the OAC at this time is because we need to chart a course for healing after the upheaval of the last year. Healing must include consequences or the same problems will re-occur.

Both as a manager at my work and within software communities I have experience with serving as an impartial 3rd party to disagreements. I have also taken non-violent-communications training (Royal Roads University). I am currently a moderator on multiple Facebook groups, and moderated gaming and software forums (since before Facebook).


Sara Golling, BC Region 

I began serving on the GPC Ombuds and Appeals Committee (OAC) in the late 1990s; I was elected at General Meetings for each of my previous terms.  I stepped aside in 2015 to act as editor of a small local online news publication, but was asked to return to the OAC last year.

My education includes degrees from UBC in education and law.  I qualified and worked as a Family Law Mediator for several years before retiring to look after my elderly mother full-time, until her death in 2001. 

I think that serving on the OAC is the best use of my training, experience and volunteer energy. I understand the requirement for OAC members to be neutral and impartial regarding personalities and issues, while upholding Green values.

My experience in the law means that I understand the need for natural justice, confidentiality, and hearing from all sides of a dispute before reaching any conclusions.  My years on the OAC mean that I understand the requirement for OAC members to be neutral and impartial regarding personalities and issues, while upholding Green values.

I also believe that the OAC must be able to do its work without fear or favour, fully independent of any other unit of the  Party.

North Region (Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories) (0)

No candidates identified for this region

Ontario Region (5)

Krystal Brooks, Ontario Region

“I am 28 years old from Rama First Nation, Ontario. As a survivor of the child welfare system and human trafficking, a recovering addict/alcoholic and someone who’s faced mental health challenges associated with intergenerational trauma, I believe I bring a take on the challenges anyone could have in entering the political sphere that would be different from many Canadians but tragically too common to members of my own community. It is in this capacity that I hope to be of value to the party in joining the OAC, to be reflective and understanding of issues that many may have blind spots to as we try to foster a more diverse and pluralistic party in the future. With a strong commitment to placing an Indigenous lens to Social Justice, I intend to bring my own unique and singular perspective to try to ensure assessments of rising situations are neither knee-jerk nor dismissive but handled in the same standards of accountability, fairness and respect that I hold myself to.”


Michael Pilling, Ontario Region

Hello, I've been a member continuously since about 2000, was highly active in the early 2000's in the GPO and GPC in my student days, stepped back to focus on career and family for a good while and have re-engaged in the last couple of years. I have always followed the GPC and am well informed of the ideals, constitution, and history of the party.  I have been recognized in my Green activism and in other areas of life as a go-to person to sort out problems based on my diplomacy skills, ability to listen, ask the right question and stay focused on the long term best interests of the organization.


Miranda Woodland, Ontario Region [Equity-seeking Candidate]

With a degree in bioethics and political science, I am excited to provide my expertise to the OAC, especially as a new member of the GPC. Cooperation and collaboration, while not always exemplified either within or across political parties, is paramount. Ensuring that members are working together to maintain the values of the GPC is an incredibly important role.

For the past 12 years, I have worked in the financial industry for a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Working for a trustee has provided me with a well-rounded background in policy, legislation and mediation. In my role, I have had to mediate the needs of creditors and individuals and/or businesses to derive equitable solutions. Further, having worked with financial institutions, lawyers, and multiple government institutions, I can maintain professionalism and composure in challenging situations.

I have completed Unconscious Bias training and bring an ethical and caring approach to decision-making. Maintaining a high level of integrity, fairness and ethics within the GPC is of the utmost importance to me.

I can skillfully gather and analyze research, synthesize information, and prepare findings in accessible language. I value relationship and consensus-building for engaging team members and fostering strategic partnerships. I uphold a strong track record of effectively managing and completing high-quality and time-sensitive projects.

If you would like to know more about me, please feel free to connect on LinkedIn:


Roberta Herod, Ontario Region

I am interested in the OAC because I believe that the GPC is responsible to its membership and as hard as we all try, there will be voices that need to be heard and validated.  Regardless of the outcome of the complaint, a complete explanation of a decision, based on membership agreed constitution, bylaws, policy, and procedure, must be given to the complainant.

I bring to the position:

High standard of integrity and ethics

Always looking for the option forward that best acknowledges and serves the needs of the membership.  While there has been challenges at HO, we have made a very clear statement to our local membership that we are their representatives and we will do what needs to be done locally while HO sorts out their challenges

Detail oriented, but not a fan of getting stuck in the weeds.  Key information up front followed by secondary and supporting information.  

I do not belong to any internal or external GPC alliance or group so I am able to remain impartial; my master is the member approved policy, constitution and bylaws of GPC, GPC Code of Conduct

Detail oriented, high observance to rules, regulations, high adherence to confidentiality (my personal business requires 100% confidentiality)

High empathy to diversity, big believer that diversity is the key to success

Pretty matter of fact, not big fan of game playing

Think a little like a lawyer so I will always err on the side of caution


Sarah Gabrielle Baron, Ontario Region

I have been a devout Green since 1991 and I began my active membership in 2005. I have been a candidate in 2006, started my EDA in 2007, have been a CFO of my GPO CA since 2017 and have been OA and supporter of candidates provincially and federally. I am grateful to have learned from Anishinabek First Nation teachers in my undergrad degree (politics and Indigenous studies, 1991 and my B.Ed through the Aboriginal Teachers Education Program 2011), and through continued lifelong learning as an ally. I am not Indigenous, I am of settler descent. As such, I hope to speak with Greens and the other Ombuds officers about ways to bring in restorative justice methods in our proceedings. I love the Green movement very much and I promise to do my best to investigate all issues in depth, with caring for all parties involved, and promise to recuse myself if there is ever a conflict of interest. Thank you for your consideration!

Prairie Region (0)

No candidates identified for this region.

Quebec Region (1)

Samuel Moisan-Domm, Quebec Region (he/him) [Equity-Seeking Candidate]

As a past member of the Commissioners of the Federal Council Code of Conduct Committee and as a philosophy undergraduate, I believe I can bring an impartial judgment and evidence & logic-based decision-making to the work of the Ombuds & Appeals Committee. I am also motivated by the need to improve the operation of the Ombuds & Appeals Committee and thus contribute to enforcing the rights of members that are related to Party governance.