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Federal Council

Federal Council is the governing body of the Green Party of Canada. There are 21 voting members consisting of 11 Provincial and Territorial Representatives, 1 First Nations Representative, 1 Inuit Representative, 1 Métis Representative, 1 President, 2 Vice Presidents (one representing Anglophones, one representing Francophones), 1 Fund Representative (who is also an officer of the Fund), 2 Youth Representatives, and the Leader. Each Councillor is elected for two years. Approximately half of the positions are elected in odd-numbered years, while the other half are elected in even-numbered years.

Federal Council governs the Green Party of Canada on behalf of members like you. It is essentially the board of the directors for the Party, determining planning, vision and budget. View the current composition of Council >>

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For all questions and for assistance with your ballot, please email elections@greenparty.ca or 1-866-868-3447. Complaints must be submitted via the Federal Council Election and Appointment Complaint Form.