Green Plan for a Just Transition

Oil, gas and coal workers are anxious about the future of their work. They don’t know where they fit into the new, Green economy, and the old-line parties are fanning those fears with misinformation about job cuts and the necessity of fossil fuels.

It's dividing the country and slowing down the inevitable end to this destructive energy industry. And the sooner we transition, the safer the planet will be. 

We can’t let them get away with it. People need to know that we can protect the environment AND workers, all while upholding the principles of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Voters need to hear our plan before summer ends, campaigning officially starts and Canada heads to the polls. Will you add your name to pledge support for the Green plan to ensure workers get a fair transition to a fossil fuel free economy?

We don’t have the deep pockets of the other parties, but if you add your name and share our plan, we can reach thousands more Canadians. Fossil fuel workers deserve a fair and just transition into the new economy and Greens are the only party with a real plan forward.

To address a just and fair transition Greens will:

  • Invest in comprehensive retraining and apprenticeship programs to repurpose skills of industrial trades workers for jobs in the renewable energy sector, ensuring continued employment opportunities for Canada’s skilled workers.
  • Initiate a massive cleanup of “orphaned” oil wells; depending on the geology many of those wells can be transformed to produce geothermal energy.
  • Institute a country-wide building program that will retrofit all buildings to optimum energy efficiency.
  • Create a transition framework that acknowledges and factors in, to the greatest extent possible, the unique resources and circumstances of each province.
  • Within the UNDRIP principles of self-determination and self-government, form partnerships with Indigenous peoples to ramp up renewable energy development in First Nations communities and on Indigenous lands.
  • Adopt all 10 recommendations of the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal
  • Power Workers and Communities and apply those lessons to other sectors impacted by moving off fossil fuels.

Add your name above to support the Green plan for a just transition for fossil fuel workers.