Job Description - Interim Leader of the GPC

Job Description

Interim Leader of the Green Party of Canada

The leader of the Green Party of Canada is a spokesperson for the political objectives of the GPC membership. Generally, the Interim Leader shall have the following responsibilities and meet the following expectations:


  • Representing the GPC as its principal spokesperson by communicating its policies, principles, and platform to members, Canadians, entities, and the media via interviews, press releases, press conferences, national tours, political debates, etc.
  • Working with the Deputy Leader(s), if the Leader chooses to select Deputy Leader(s)
  • Serving as the Shadow Cabinet Co-Chair and, alongside Shadow Cabinet, developing and updating the GPC's platform.
  • Participating as a voting member of Federal Council, particularly to inform Federal Council of the expected impact of any Federal Council or staff action on the Interim Leader’s activities and strategies
  • Travelling across Canada to meet with members and Canadians to share the GPC message
  • Maintaining ties with Global Greens by working with the GPC International Secretariat
  • Supporting the launch of a leadership selection process
  • Taking active steps to unite members in supporting a shared vision and values


  • be available full-time as Leader of the GPC
  • work with staff to promote and attend fundraising, membership development and other GPC events
  • avoid, where possible, all perceived and real conflict of interest, and abiding by the Federal Council Code of Conduct
  • assist Electoral District Associations in recruiting exceptional candidates
  • raise the GPC's profile among voters
  • share feedback received from the public and GPC membership with the GPC
  • to provide inspiration and leadership toward a common Green vision and political strategy