GPC Leader Job Description

Job Description

"Leader of the Green Party of Canada"

As amended by Federal Council on 19 March 2006.

The Leader of the Green Party of Canada (GPC) is a member in good standing who is duly elected by the party's membership. She or he is accountable to the members of the GPC, and to the Federal Council between elections. Generally, the Leader shall have the following responsibilities and meet the following expectations:


  • Representing the GPC by communicating its policies, principles, and platform to members, Canadians, entities, and the media. As the principal spokesperson for the Party, the Leader shall participate in, but not be limited to the following: interviews, press releases, national tours, and political debates.
  • Working with the Deputy Leader(s), and advocates of the Shadow Cabinet
  • Serving as the Shadow Cabinet Co-Chair
  • Along with the Shadow Cabinet, developing, and updating the GPC's platform.
  • Participating as a member of Council
  • Travelling across Canada to meet and share the GPC message with members and Canadians.
  • Maintaining ties with Global Greens by working with the International Secretary
  • Avoiding, where possible, all perceived and real conflict of interest, and abiding by the Federal Council Code of Conduct


  • Bilingual in both French and English
  • Working with staff to promote and attend fundraising and other GPC events.
  • Assist Electoral District Associations in recruiting exceptional candidates.
  • Attend membership development events.
  • Raise the GPC's profile among voters.
  • Share with the GPC's strategy and platform staff, and relevant bodies of the Party feedback received from the general public and members.
  • Inspired leadership to reach a common Green vision and political strategy.
  • Attend media training, debate preparation, and/or other related preparation for a leader of a federal political party.
  • Be available full-time as Leader of the GPC.