Leadership Review 2016


In 2006, Elizabeth May was elected by the membership as the leader of the Green Party of Canada.

At the 2010 Convention, the Green Party membership changed the constitution so that within 6 months of every federal election a leadership review is required. If the leader does not get 60% approval from the membership in the review, then a leadership race will be organized.

After the 2011 Federal election, Federal Council held a leadership review by online ballot (with paper ballots offered) in accordance with the Constitution.

Now, following the 2015 Federal election, we are following the same process and thank you for participating.

Job description of the Leader of the Green Party of Canada >>


  • March 14th: Leadership review voting opens.
  • March 16th: Last day to become a party member and be eligible to vote in the leadership review.
  • April 14th: Last day to renew your membership to vote.
  • April 15th: Leadership review voting closes.
  • A notice of the result will be sent to members as soon as possible after voting closes.

Voting Details

These online votes are run by an independent third party (Simply Voting, simplyvoting.com). If you are an eligible member (see timeline), you will get an email from gpc@simplyvoting.com with instructions on how to vote online securely and anonymously. Members without an email on file will receive a voting postcard in the mail.

The vote consists of a single question: Do you endorse Elizabeth May as Leader of the Green Party of Canada? {Yes, No, Abstain}

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