September Days of Peace and Democracy

OTTAWA - Sept 15th
marks the International Day of Democracy, followed soon after by the
International Day of Peace on Sept 21st.  “These two issues are
inextricably linked,” said Green Party of Canada Peace and Security Critic
Ellen Michelson.  “Peace and democracy go hand-in-hand as part of a
culture of peace and cooperation between states, societies and
individuals.  These principles are part of the core values of the Green
Party and form the basis for global security.”


Greens believe that
security should not rest mainly on military strength but on cooperation, sound
economic and social development, environmental safety, and respect for human
rights. This includes a global security system capable of the prevention, management
and resolution of conflicts.  Above all, peace rests on removing the
causes of war by understanding and respecting other cultures, eradicating
racism, promoting freedom and democracy, and ending global poverty.


“We are lucky in Canada
to benefit from peaceful times within our democracy. But we must stand on guard
to protect that peace and ensure that we participate in the democratic
process.  Maintaining our Canadian way of life requires paying attention
and speaking out, especially with your vote, when you see policies that don’t
resonate with your personal values,” said Michelson.


Green Leader Elizabeth
May recently published a book entitled, “Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and
the Crisis in Canadian Democracy.”  In it, she reminds Canadians not to
let democracy slip through our fingers by being spectators, and urges us to get
informed, speak out and be sure to vote.  “The essential elements of a
functioning democracy are a free and independent media, a well-informed and
engaged electorate, and high levels of participation on voting day,” says May.