Human trafficking: contempt for human rights

Green Party applauds the initiative of the group PACT (Persons Against the
Crime of Trafficking in Humans) in our capital for rallying against human
trafficking. “The trafficking of human beings is an affront to all human
beings. As expressed so aptly in the Universal Declaration of Human rights, the
human family has the right to freedom and dignity. The contempt for human
rights leads to barbarous acts”, said Joe Foster, Human Rights Critic for the
Green Party of Canada.

PACT-Ottawa was formed in 2004, to raise social awareness. At present,
international crime syndicates are creating a situation of grave dimensions
worldwide. According to the UN Technical Director for Migration and
Trafficking, there is an estimated two million persons trafficked into
prostitution, domestic service, or other forms of forced labour each year.
Despite national laws and international treaties against trafficking, the
problem continues to grow. PACT aims to raise consciousness and mobilize local
community support to end trafficking in the context of trade globalization.

There are presently
three private member bills in Parliament designed to strengthen laws that
penalize trafficking and to protect victims. These have been in process for
nearly two years. Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, stated, “I will
press to see these bills passed expeditiously. The trafficking of women and
children for profit is reprehensible to all of us.”

The Green Party of Canada was founded on the Global Green Charter which places
a high priority on human rights and the respect of individuals and their
freedom and dignity. Vision Green stresses action to promote the equality of
women and recommends the re-institution of funding for the Status of Women and
other organizations that fund non-profit women’s groups and advocate for
women’s rights. Only through education and the promotion of the equality of
women will this scourge be removed.

The Green Party urges all citizens to pressure their MPs to have Bills S-223, 268
and 269 passed into law as quickly as possible with appropriate support to make
them effective.


Contact :
Kieran Green
Director of Communications
Green Party of Canada