Greens celebrate World Rivers Day

OTTAWA -  World Rivers Day, September 25th, is a global day
of celebration of our rivers and wetlands.  The Green Party of Canada
urges all Canadians to get involved in the numerous events happening in
communities across the country.  “Many Canadians are taking part in
activities such as shore clean-ups, invasive plant removal, art
exhibits, fishing demonstrations and other celebrations.  It is
wonderful to remind ourselves of the importance of our fresh water
systems and re-connect with our local watershed,” said Leader Elizabeth
May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

World Rivers Day
is in partnership with the UN Water for Life Decade initiative with the
goal of increasing public awareness and improving stewardship of

Canada encompasses one of the Earth’s most freshwater-abundant regions, with 9% of the world’s
renewable water.  “Fresh water is our lifeblood.  We must steward our
fresh water resources for this and future generations,” said May.
“Sustainable communities need healthy watersheds.”

Green Party is committed to responsible water stewardship. That
includes protecting watersheds from industrial and urban activities and
restoring those that have been damaged by such activities. We advocate a
renewed federal government role in water management, focused on strong
regulations and programs created in collaboration with provincial and
municipal governments. When it comes to our vision for fresh water, the
Green message is clear: Keep it. Conserve it. Protect it.