May's riding also hit with Robocalls; Emergency Commons Debate, Public Inquiry Called For

OTTAWA-  Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, has condemned the use of misleading robocalling and other dishonest tactics used to weaken Canada's electoral process - and democracy. 

She also announced that she is eager to work with other opposition parties in revealing those who made use of "voter suppression" tactics in various ridings including Saanich-Gulf Islands during both the 2008 and 2011 federal election.

"The real questions are: Who planned these calls, who programmed them, who paid for them?" said May.  "These things shouldn't be too difficult to establish.  Also, did they affect the final outcome of a number of very close races across Canada? How often have these tactics been used before? Finally, what does this mean in terms of the Harper government's status?"

"In circumstances less troubling, such as the malfeasance of the Sponsorship Scandal which never touched on the fundamental right of citizens in a democracy, the former Prime Minister and Liberal leader Paul Martin launched a full inquiry -- not calculating the cost to his political future, but doing what was right. On this issue, I expect Stephen Harper to do no less."

May's book, Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy warned Canadians of a dangerous downward slide in our democratic process with the increased use of "dirty tricks," especially relating to Stephen Harper's Conservative Party.  She is available to provide background information and answer media questions relating to the robocalling scandal, and will be in the media foyer after Question Period on Monday afternoon.

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Rebecca Harrison

May seeks emergency debate on Robocalls