Green Party National Convention Takes a Local Approach

SAANICH-GULF ISLANDS -The Green Party is holding its 2012 National Convention in Sidney, BC, situated in the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding of its federal leader, Elizabeth May. In the 2011 Election, Elizabeth made history by being the first Green Party candidate to be elected to the House of Commons. The Vision Green platform calls for a renewal of Canadian democracy; a return to dignity and respect in politics; and proposes reforms to put power back where it belongs – in the hands of all Canadians. Convention delegates will be attending training and policy workshops that directly impact how the party will move forward to support this vision.

The Green Party of Canada is hosting its National Convention in Sidney, BC from August 17-19th with cocktails, musical acts, special guests, and lots of good local food. The weekend kicks off Friday, August 17th with welcomes from First Nations and the Mayors of Sidney, North and Central Saanich. Elizabeth will give her “Welcome to My Riding” address, followed up by a discussion with Ronald Wright and Elizabeth May on his new documentary “Surviving Progress.” The keynote presentation Saturday, August 18th has special guests Bruce Hyer, MP and Stephane Dion, MP discussing electoral reform and how to maximize voter engagement while ensuring democracy thrives. Saturday night, it is time to party with the Greens at the Wild Salmon BBQ and Gumboot Gala with host Ken Wu of Majority for A Sustainable Society, humorist story-teller Arthur Black, plus a lively “knock your socks off” speech by Elizabeth May, Saanich-Gulf Islands MP and leader of the Green Party of Canada. Musical guests will follow the speech, and everyone is invited to decorate and wear their favourite gumboots; rewards will be given for “most fashionable” participants.

One of the 6 fundamental Principles of the Green party is that of Participatory Democracy, described as: "a democracy in which all citizens have the right to express their views, and are able to directly participate in decisions which affect their lives". For those who cannot attend in person, all public events will be broadcast free of charge via livestream web feed.

For more information, visit the Green Party convention website.