Green Party Celebrates Black History Month

OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada celebrates African-Canadians and their achievements during Black History Month in February.  We recognize the contributions of African Canadians to all areas of Canadian society including education, business, culture, politics and community life.

“As a nation with such diversity, all histories need to be known, all voices need to be expressed. As someone who faced racism as a child, I know how important it is to celebrate, recognize and respect the contributions of Black Canadians to Canada,” said Georges Laraque, Green Party Deputy Leader.

“We can reflect on Black history in Canada and realize some of the immense changes that have happened over the span of a few generations. Then we can look forward to a future of even greater equality and cooperation.  Black history should give us all hope that with courage and perseverance, dreams can be achieved,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands.


Media Contact:

Stéphane Vigneault
Communications Coordinator, Green Party of Canada 
cell: 613.614.4916