Elizabeth May receives 93.6% support from members in leadership review

(OTTAWA) - Results from the Green Party of Canada leadership review reveal 93.6% of members endorse Elizabeth May as Leader.

“I want to thank our members for participating in the leadership review, and for all the hard work they do throughout the year strengthening our grassroots party,” said Emily McMillan, Executive Director of the Green Party of Canada. “Every day from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, we rely on the dedication of active volunteers on the ground to support our committed staff.

“In August, Greens from across Canada will gather in Ottawa for the Party’s biennial convention. This will be a time for inspiration and renewal as we build towards the 2019 election, in which the government promised to make every vote count,” Ms. McMillan said. “As we move towards proportional representation in Canada, Green support will continue to swell. The hard work of earning those votes begins now.”

The Party’s constitution stipulates that a leadership review be held within six months of a federal general election, and that the leader must receive at least 60% support from members.

“I’m humbled to receive a strong mandate from our engaged membership to continue in my role as Leader,” Ms. May said. “I will continue to pursue critical issues that are so important to our members: from climate action to restoring legitimacy in the environmental review process, from ending subsidies for fossil fuels to becoming a world leader in the 21st century, renewable energy economy. These are just some of the generational challenges we collectively face, and the Green Party of Canada will continue to be on the front lines of driving meaningful change.”

The online leadership review vote was open for 30 days to all members in good standing. The review period closed on April 15, with an all-time high participation rate in the vote. Party membership has grown steadily under the leadership of Elizabeth May, now with over 20,000 members. An independent third party was contracted to collect and tally results.

The YES/NO review question asked:

Do you endorse Elizabeth May as Leader of the Green Party of Canada?

For more information on the voting process, click here.