Annamie Paul calls for Cross-party cooperation and collaboration ahead of today’s vote

TORONTO  – Green Party Leader Annamie Paul has issued the following statement:

“Ahead of today's vote on the Conservative Party of Canada's motion to create a special committee, I would like to remind all Members of Parliament that people in Canada are counting on us to keep our eye on the ball and to focus on their needs. Anything else is just unwelcome drama. 

“One of the best elements of the pandemic has been the heightened collaboration between political parties, which has delivered a lot of necessary support for people in Canada. Now is not the time for us to weaken this cross-partisan cooperation, when people still need our help to meet their most urgent needs. Such cooperation does not exclude healthy and necessary opposition to government proposals, but it does preclude the kind of unnecessary brinkmanship we are witnessing. 

“Cross-party cooperation and collaboration remain the order of the day. It is what people in Canada continue to expect from their political leaders. The Liberal and Conservative parties' high-stakes, high-tech game of chicken can have no winner. They should leave such games outside of Parliament, and focus on the urgent needs of people in Canada. I ask Members of Parliament to dial down the rhetoric, which is not in keeping with the seriousness of this unprecedented moment, so that we can get back to working on the critical matters at hand.”

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