Green Party on the frontlines of CERB Call To Action - Federal Greens first party to sound the alarm on unfair clawbacks - Annamie Paul and Green Party caucus to keep fighting on behalf of recipients

OTTAWA  — The Green Party of Canada issued yet another urgent call to action this morning at a press conference alongside Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) advocate Tammy Seed on the unfair and cruel CERB clawbacks. 

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul renewed her call to the government, and Minister Qualtrough, to end the CERB clawbacks. This echoes the Green Party's months-long demand that the government own up to, and fix, its mistake which has ensnared hundreds of thousands of Canadians in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic.

The Green Party was the first party to call for a fair result for CERB recipients in December. Ever since hundreds of thousands of received a repayment letter from Canada Revenue Agency, the Green Party has been leading the effort the help these Canadians seek remedy for nearly two months, including:

  • The Green Party has News Release - Sat Dec 5, 2020 - Green Party issues urgent release highlighting need for compassion on CERB;
  • Letter to Prime Minister and Minister from Green MPs - Sat Dec 5, 2020
  • Question on CERB clawback, MP Paul Manly - Dec. 11, 2020 - Video here. 
  • Letter to Ministers from MPs Elizabeth May and Paul Manly - Wed Dec 17 2020 - attached.
  • Town Hall on the CERB/CRA - Thurs Dec 18, 2020 - featured half-dozen first hand accounts, video here.
  • Petition from MP Paul Manly - Christmas Eve 2020 - petition here, attracts nearly 8K signatures;
  • Press Conference on the CERB with Green Caucus - Tues January 13, 2021 - video here.
  • News Release - Sun Jan 24, 2021 - Green Party urges focus before Parliament begins anew;
  • Debate on CERB clawback, MP Paul Manly - Jan. 27, 2021 - video here
  • Press Conference on the CERB with CERB advocate Tammy Seed - Wed. February 3 (video  here)

“Why must it come to this?” said Annamie Paul, Leader of the Green Party of Canada. “Why must people in Canada who are already struggling - pensioners, the self-employed, and caregivers among them - and who followed the rules, be forced to take their government to court to have it do the right thing? The Prime Minister promised to protect Canadians “whatever it takes, for as long as it takes” and we will hold him to his word," concluded Ms Paul. 

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