Green Party opposes the construction of any new gas or oil pipelines in Quebec

MONTREAL - Concerned by the proposed construction of a new pipeline to carry liquefied natural gas (LNG) from southern Quebec to a plant in Nova Scotia, the Green Party of Canada is urging the federal government to convene an emergency meeting with the premiers of both provinces to explore alternate investment ideas. 

“In order to meet Canada’s new 45 per cent reduction target in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), we need to close down LNG plants, not build more,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. “To honour its climate commitments, the federal government must collaborate with the provinces and territories to provide options for programs and investments that will help them transition to clean energy alternatives.

“This trans-provincial initiative is a perfect opportunity for the federal government to offer a joint impact assessment that takes into consideration Canada’s commitment to addressing climate change,” said Ms. Paul.

“It is misleading to suggest that LNG plants will reduce GHGs; on the contrary, fracked gas increases emissions. The proposed path of this pipeline would take it through rich agricultural land opening the potential for environmental harm. Additionally, the initiative might provide the impetus for more fracking projects between Montreal and Trois-Rivières.”

Ms. Paul concluded: “If we are serious about addressing the climate crisis, we must prioritize national investments in renewable energy, the electrification of transportation and green technologies that are both efficient and innovative and will transition us away from LNG and other fossil fuels.”

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