Green Party of Canada reiterates call for immediate ceasefire and respect for international law

The Green Party of Canada is alarmed by the escalating violence throughout Israel and Gaza and the mounting loss of life. Over the past weeks, increasing violence in Israel and Gaza has led to the deaths of almost two hundred civilians, including dozens of children, and the injury of many more. We mourn these avoidable deaths and grieve with those who have lost their loved ones. 

In cases of deadly conflict, a victim-centred approach dictates that the protection of civilians must be the highest immediate priority. With that in mind, the most urgent action is to de-escalate the situation and for authorities to exercise maximum restraint in order to prevent further loss of life and a downward spiral of violence. 

The Green Party condemns the indiscriminate and deadly missile and rocket attacks on civilian areas that continue to occur. Such attacks are a violation of international law and must cease immediately, as must all disproportionate use of force, which likewise violates international law.  

The Green Party of Canada is committed to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. Among other things, this requires an unwavering commitment to compliance with international law, respect for places of worship, avoiding inflammatory rhetoric and ending any illegal forms of eviction or settlement expansion, combined with engagement in peaceful, inclusive dialogue as the preferred means of resolving the conflict.  

“A ceasefire is the most urgent need of this moment to end the deaths,” said Green Party leader Annamie Paul.  “This must be followed by a deliberate intensification of multi-track peace diplomacy, which would include support for new and existing Track 1.5 efforts (involving government officials and civil society leaders) and Track 2 diplomacy (exclusively involving civil society leaders). These additional tracks of peace diplomacy are critical for confidence-building and expanding the range of voices and ideas to reach a just and sustainable resolution of the conflict, including root causes.” 


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