Green Party of Canada concerned over cancellation of campus voting programs

OTTAWA - The Green Party of Canada is concerned that the recent cancellations of campus voting programs will inhibit student and youth participation.

Green Party youth critic Kayne Alleyne-Adams said: “Now, more than ever, our democratic process must foster student voices; instead we are seeing the voting process grow ever-more difficult with the cancellation of Elections Canada campus voting programs. 

“The effects of the climate crisis are more pronounced than ever before, with fires raging across the country and heat waves taking a serious health toll. COVID-19 is not behind us, with many parts of the country now entering into a fourth wave. Housing prices are continuously rising. Living costs are incredibly unaffordable. Given that an election was called, despite these crises, we must ensure that Canadian voters are empowered, not inhibited. 

“The statements made by Elections Canada, arguing that a major cause for the lack of this programming is ‘the minority government situation’, only serves to highlight the pragmatic and self-serving nature of this snap election. This patented lack of foresight has fostered a situation which could only be described as voter suppression. 

“The Green Party of Canada echoes the calls made by student leaders across the country, and implores Elections Canada to revisit the decision to cancel campus voting programs,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul.

“As Canadians, we believe in the value of every voice and every voter. As Greens, we will continue to advocate for electoral reform, to ensure that necessary voting options such as campus voting programs are not held in precarious positions in the future.”

Green Party youth critic Clément Badra added: “We often hear from political parties and leaders how unfortunate it is that youth and students don’t vote as much as they should yet when it’s time to make sure the conditions are met to foster youth involvement the easy solutions are not implemented. 

“Youth and students are part of the biggest demographic of voters. Not making sure the conditions for voting are easy is unacceptable,” concluded Mr. Badra 

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Rosie Emery

GPC Press Secretary