Green Party interim Leader launches national “reconnection” tour

OTTAWA – Green Party interim Leader Amita Kuttner will travel from coast to coast to coast as they undertake a national Reconnection Tour that starts in southwestern Ontario next week.

“We’ve all been through a difficult couple of years, but at last things seem to be looking up – for the Green Party and for the country,” said Dr. Kuttner. “It’s a great opportunity for Greens across Canada to get reconnected – with their party, with their values and with each other.”

The Reconnection Tour begins next Wednesday, March 9, in Windsor, ON, before moving on to other centres in southern, central and eastern Ontario. Starting in the spring, Dr. Kuttner will be touching down in communities in Quebec, the Maritimes, the Prairies, B.C. and the North.

“Today, as I reflect on my first 100 days as interim Green Leader, I feel confident that our party is on a good trajectory and that our members and supporters will welcome this chance to re-engage,” they said. 

“It’s not only an opportunity for me to update them on plans for the coming leadership contest and other exciting developments in the pipeline but also for me to address their concerns and hear their ideas about how we can all work together towards a better future for everyone.”


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