Elevating Indigenous Voices in Politics

National Indigenous History Month – June 2022

OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada is helping make history this year with major changes to the GPC’s Constitution and Governance Bodies.  Members have voted to add three seats to the Federal Council, to accommodate Indigenous, Inuit, and Métis representatives.

This is the first time in Canadian political history that a national party has included Indigenous representative seats on its governing body.

“It’s way past time to celebrate and honour the contributions Indigenous people can make to the political landscape, and shape policy in ways that reflect their own values,” said Lorraine Rekmans, President of the Green Party of Canada.

Rekmans, is the first Indigenous woman to serve as President of a national political party in Canada.  She was elected in August 2021.

The GPC made the changes following its Virtual General Meeting in March, where policy was introduced to add the three seats, and create a new party unit to represent Indigenous peoples.

The Indigenous Peoples Advisory Circle (IPAC) was incorporated into the party’s constitution and is a unit of the party that is representative of and controlled by its Indigenous party members.

In addition to these changes, the GPC has called for Canada to align its Constitution with the principles of UNDRIP.


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