Feds Should Ensure All NWT Evacuees Receive Equal Financial Assistance, Says Green Party of Canada

OTTAWA - The Green Party of Canada calls on the NDP-backed Liberal government to ensure that all evacuees from the North West Territories receive emergency financial assistance. 

Evacuees who left their homes on their own or prior to an evacuation order are being told by the Territorial Government that their expenses will not be covered. In some cases, it is the second or third time they had to evacuate in less than two years because of floods or fires.

" It’s absolutely ridiculous that the people who fled Yellowknife, Hay River or other areas at risk with their own vehicles or before an evacuation order was given are now being told that their expenses won’t be covered, " said Jonathan Pedneault, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada. 

" Nobody leaves their home for fun. People do so because they feel that their lives are at risk and the authorities aren’t proactive enough. Nobody should be penalized for not waiting until an evacuation order was given or for using their own vehicle. If anything, they should be rewarded for lessening the burden on the authorities," he added.

The Government of Canada should immediately offer assistance to the Government of the Northwest Territories, through its Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements, and ensure that all those who proactively evacuated areas that later came under an evacuation order or those who did so using their own vehicles be provided with equal assistance. 


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary