Apologies are not enough- We must atone for Canada's History of Allowing Nazi's to live here

OTTAWA - Recently former Justice Minister Irwin Cotler International Chair of the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights quoted his late friend, the extraordinary Canadian historian Irving Abella, co-author of "None is too many" that "in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, It was easier to get into Canada if you were a Nazi than if you were a Jew."

The truth of that was demonstrated with horrifying clarity in the events of September 22 in Parliament.

It is unquestionably very late, but as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and others believe it is of value, the Green Party of Canada calls on the federal government to re-open the files of the Deschênes Commission, which investigated the presence of Nazi war criminals in Canada.

We endorse the call for the release the unredacted files related to the Deschenes Commission, and to take meaningful steps to address the stark reality that there are still former Nazis with blood on their hands living in Canada.


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary