The Green Party Deplores The Lack Of Seriousness Of The Liberal Government's Oil and Gas Emissions Cap Framework

OTTAWA - The emissions cap framework presented today by the federal government is largely insufficient and will not enable Canada to achieve its 2030 climate targets. The framework is too abstract and minimalist, and in no way responds to the urgency of the current situation. The Liberals are proving once again that they are walking hand in hand with their Big Oil friends.

"As Greens, we rely on climate science. Emissions from the oil and gas sector must peak by 2025 and then start to decline. This cap, which was clearly designed not to hinder the growth of Canadian fossil fuel production and will only come into effect in 2026, is a violation of our Paris commitment and a theft of our children's future," said Green Party leader Elizabeth May (MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands). "This is a major victory for Canada's oil and gas lobbyists."

The proven weakness of this cap framework can be seen when we realize that, despite its application, oil and gas companies will be able to continue increasing production without any consequences.

"Two years after the Prime Minister promised a cap in Glasgow at COP 26, we now discover the result of the Trudeau government's 2,000 meetings with representatives of the major oil companies. "Despite the 'conditions' of this cap framework, the oil and gas industry will be able to increase production by 12% over 2019 levels," said MP Mike Morrice (Kitchener Centre). "This framework falls significantly short of the original 2030 emissions reduction target of 42% below 2019 levels while since 1990, emissions from the oil and gas sector have almost doubled."

Unfortunately, this cap framework is part of the liberal logic of compromise and cooperation with representatives of the oil and gas industries. Things must change quickly if we are to avoid the catastrophe we are heading towards.

"As the Secretary General of the United Nations has already stated, we are currently driving on a highway that will lead us straight to climate hell," said Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. "Justin Trudeau's Liberals are proving once again that they don't understand the urgency of the situation. Big Oil companies were allowed to buy their way into compliance using excess profits generated by gouging Canadians”.

As Greens, we will continue to push for improvements in line with science: no new fossil fuel infrastructure, removal of subsidies, investment in proven climate solutions and affordability measures.


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary