Greens’ New Year Resolutions for the Liberal government

OTTAWA - Over the past year, the Canadian population has become poorer, the climate crisis has hit the country like never before, and many parts of the world have been ravaged by war. As we enter 2024, the Green Party of Canada would like to present a list of issues that the Trudeau government should prioritize over the next 12 months. This list of priorities revolves around three themes: peace, order and good government.

Good government 

The Green Party is deeply concerned about the country's wide income gaps and the ever-increasing number of people trapped in the low-wage economy - workers, especially our young people, struggling to survive on part-time and precarious jobs.

"If we are truly committed as a nation to the goal of eliminating poverty, it's high time we put in place a truly innovative initiative - a guaranteed minimum income," said Leader Elizabeth May (MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands). "Building affordable housing is also part of the logic of eliminating poverty. Too many Canadians are being evicted from their homes as a result of gentrification processes across the country. This practice must stop. 

In order to protect people from the dangers of climate change, the 2024 Ministerial Conference organized by the World Trade Organization will need to propose concrete elements to counter the climate crisis. The Trudeau government must take it seriously.


In 2024, the Trudeau government must re-establish some form of order on Canadian soil on several levels for the good of the population. This is essential if we are to improve the lives of Canadians.

"To restore order to the Canadian federation, all levels of government must work together," said Elizabeth May. "The federal government, the provinces, municipalities and Indigenous peoples must work as a coalition. By working together, we can protect the health care system from rising costs through pharmacare. Better collaboration between different levels of government would also make electricity more affordable, decarbonize and democratize it, as well as expand and improve grid connectivity."


Armed conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East have claimed thousands of lives in recent months. The Canadian government must take significant action to help de-escalate the violence in both regions.

"The Trudeau government must reiterate its unconditional support for Ukraine. With this in mind, sanctions against Russia must be taken seriously, and efforts to halt Russian oil sales must be renewed," said Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. "Canada must also advocate for a peaceful end to conflict in the Middle East, and for dialogue between Israel and Palestine.”


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