Kevin MacKenzie to run in Durham

Kevin MacKenzie won the nomination race and will be the Green Party of Canada candidate in the upcoming by-election in Durham.

Kevin’s passionate commitment to giving back to his community is deeply rooted. A current elected school board Trustee in his second term for Clarington. Kevin has sat or currently sits on several committees on the board including Policy, Committee-of-the-Whole, Audit, and the Faith & Equity Committee.  In addition, Kevin is the current Chairperson of the school board in his second year. Kevin is also an active member of his church and sits on their finance committee.

Kevin grew up in Brampton and moved to Courtice in 2005 and is proud to call the Durham riding his home for almost 20 years. He and his wife Daniela will celebrate 25 years of marriage later this year. They have two boys, Lucas 14 and Joshua 11. “Being a family man has emphasized the importance of affordability. Families in Durham are struggling, and they need help. I don’t mean a token gesture of a small rebate but in the form of affordable housing and relief at the checkout to make everyday life a bit easier.” Kevin said. 

Kevin loves helping people. Since his first job at a pet store as a teenager he has loved helping people solve problems. That led him to a career in sales and customer service where he regularly helps people solve their problems. Much of his career Kevin worked with various small business owners around Durham and beyond. He understands their struggles and sees too many of them close. Businesses are in desperate need of help to stay ahead and compete with many of the big players.

His continued passion for helping others is what led him to put his name forward in 2018 to become a school board Trustee. “It was that sense of community service and helping the people in this great community of ours that has led me to this point.” Kevin said. It takes a motivated person to do this work and Kevin wrote the book on motivation, literally. He wrote a book on motivation in 2016. 

To his friends, church members, neighbors and community he is simply Kevin who likes to help. To the people of Durham, he wants to be your representative in Parliament to help you solve problems. “I’ll still be just Kevin too,” he added.

"Kevin embodies the values of community service and commitment to the people of Durham,” said Leader Elizabeth May”. His extensive experience as a school board Trustee and dedication to affordability make him a strong advocate for families. The Green Party proudly supports Kevin, and we believe he will be a powerful force for positive change in Parliament."

"Kevin MacKenzie's passion for helping others and his deep roots in the Durham community make him an exceptional candidate,” said Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. His track record as a school board Trustee and his understanding of the challenges faced by local businesses demonstrate his commitment to creating a thriving and affordable environment. I am confident that Kevin will be an effective advocate for the people of Durham, and the Green Party is excited to stand behind him."