Jency Mercier to run in LaSalle—Émard—Verdun

MONTREAL - Jency Mercier has won the nomination race and will be the next Green Party of Canada candidate in LaSalle-Émard-Verdun.

Jency decided to run in this election because she notices that climate change is not being taken seriously enough by some of the politicians in power, despite the passing years. She feels that Canada is not moving in the right direction, especially when public funds continue to finance the oil companies.

"Have you noticed that our immense forests are going up in smoke?" asks Jency Mercier. Why, you ask? The correlation between the tar sands and climate change is clear. It's essential that we keep up our relentless campaigning. We must not let up: we, the Greens, are entering Ottawa in large numbers to fight for our children, our fellow citizens, and a prosperous future across the country."

"I'm delighted to support Jency Mercier in her candidacy for the riding of Lasalle-Émard-Verdun," said Leader Elizabeth May. "Jency is a tireless campaigner for the environment and social justice. Her deep understanding of climate issues, commitment to biodiversity, and passion for a sustainable future make her the ideal candidate to represent this riding."

"Jency is an exceptional candidate whose commitment to green and social causes is inspiring," added Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. "Her work as a beekeeper and biodiversity ambassador in Verdun demonstrates her ability to take concrete action to protect our environment. Jency understands the challenges we face, including the climate crisis and the urgent need for affordable housing."


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary