Green Party of Canada Criticizes New Tariffs on Chinese EVs and Solar Panels

OTTAWA -  In response to Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland’s announcement to match US tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) today, the Green Party of Canada emphasizes its unique stance on trade policies, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

While the Liberals and NDP may align with the US on automotive tariffs, the Green Party underscores the importance of not extending these tariffs to crucial renewable energy components such as solar panels.

"The Green Party has consistently pressured Canada not to place tariffs on Chinese solar panels,” said Leader Elizabeth May. “Canada's minimal solar panel industry means that imposing tariffs only serves to raise the domestic cost of solar energy. We should be embracing the global shift towards renewables, not hindering it."

The recent decision by the Biden administration to impose new tariffs on Chinese goods has prompted Canada to consider similar measures. However, the Green Party insists that climate implications must govern trade policy decisions.

While we understand the need to align with the US on automotive tariffs due to our historic auto-pact, it makes no sense to impose high tariffs on solar panels. Such tariffs only hinder our progress towards renewable energy and place an unnecessary financial burden on consumers and businesses.

Currently, solar panels entering Canada from China are subject to a Solar Anti-Dumping Tariff of an astonishing 165%. This significantly impedes the adoption of renewable energy in Canada and contradicts our climate goals.

"Imposing such high tariffs on solar panels is counterproductive,” added Elizabeth May. “Instead of penalizing the transition to clean energy, we should be making it more accessible and affordable for all Canadians."

The Green Party of Canada calls on the government to reconsider its stance on tariffs for renewable energy components and to prioritize policies that support the transition to a sustainable future.


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary