Our web site front page stuck fast

Gareth Davies

I would be the first to say that the "design" of our web site front page is great. Well done web team.


It remains stuck fast.

The same news items and the same blogs day after day after day.


I checked out other political parties' web site front pages.

What did I find? Try http://www.liblogs.ca and you will see a front page where everything changes daily, news stories, blogs and issues.

I particularly like the way blogs are presented, "all" of them so the visitor can run down the list without having to navigate several pages, which many won't bother to do. So many of our fine and informative blogs will never really get "aired".

On our web site, a curious visitor will make a hit without necessarily absorbing anything new.

I have just noticed that Elizabeth has posted another blog. Great! Thanks Elizabeth. Maybe it can join the one on the front page? We need lots more of "Elizabeth blogs" to keep 'em rolling in (visitors that is). The under-one-minute technique is particularly effective.

Also, couldn't we get rid of some of those old LNC by-election blogs that now are rendered meaningless by the passage of time?

We are a progressive party that makes eclectic choices, no?