Waste - Landfills

Murray Reeves

I live in the Ottawa area, near what it referred to as the "Carp Mountain". It is an enormous landfill that compares in height to the Scotia Bank Place, home of the Ottawa Senators that is nearby.
While this once was rural land, it is now surrounded by residential development. The company that runs the landfill, Waste Management Inc., is looking for approval for an expansion to nearly triple the size.
The expansion of a landfill is something that all Greens should feel comfortable opposing. The local community associations (none environmental-based) have done a remarkable job organizing and producing data that articulates the lack of containment of contaminants, both in the groundwater and in the air (see nodump.ca). They are getting no systematic support from Greens, or environmental groups!
This is technically a municipal/provincial issue, however I see the local community opposition to the expansion at a significant disadvantage to Waste Management, a large multi-national with lots of resources and experience, that is able to face only a local community organization as opposition. I'm looking for input on how this can be raised to a federal issue (like legislation on product packaging for instance), and how to expand support for this issue widely. The subject is funamental to Greens: The result of excessive waste combined with a primitive and environmentally damaging method of disposal. How can the Green Party of Canada help to navigate this country-wide issue to a "Green Solution"?