A referendum on Kyoto in Canada

Ingrid Hein

Well, the Quebec provincial election is in full swing, and if the PQ win, they promise to host another referendum ...

So, I was thinking, wouldn't it be something if we could hold a referendum on how Canadians feel about reaching Kyoto targets?

We could make the question crystal-clear:

Should Canada support Kyoto or continue to pollute the planet?

Are you for or against the planet?

In other news:The Globe and Mail today reported that the Green Party has the support of thirteen per cent of voters. That puts us ahead of the Bloc at eight per cent, and even-Steven with the NDP.

Let's keep up the mommentum! Now, the important thing is to get Elizabeth May signed on to the leadership debate. If the above numbers don't guarantee her a place, then maybe we're going to need a referendum on Canadian democracy...

Help make sure the Green Party is represented in the leaders debate. Go to http://www.demanddemocraticdebates.ca and sign the petition.

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