Letter from Some Supporters

Elizabeth May
I recently received an email from one of our EDAs. I thought it was a great letter of encouragement, and wanted to share this with everyone. Dear Elizabeth May: We worked for your leadership run, we worked for you when you took that amazing shot at a Goal in North London and we, the Oakville Federal Green Party EDA fully support your recent decisions. We will continue to work hard for the Green Party of Canada. Having a strong leader who is capable of making assertive and creative decisions with a good measure of experience, success, brilliance and a super duper sense of humor is what we, in Oakville want and what we have. All the best and many wishes for tremendous success in the coming months Elizabeth! We have a special place in our hearts for you. You have helped us make Oakville one of the most successful EDA's in the country. We invite you to come back and visit us whenever your schedule allows. Many thanks, Elizabeth! And a "pooh pooh." to all the recent nay sayers to your decision to work cooperatively with Mr. Dion. You are like the rest of us....we are willing to cooperate with anyone who can implement Green initiatives as safely, economically and quickly as possible. All the best! OAKVILLE FEDERAL GREEN PARTY EDA Blake Poland - Nominated Candidate for this riding Nolan Machan - CEO Nancy Robertson - Organizing Chair Robin Bannerman - Events Chair Andrzej Chlobowski - Policy Chair Brian Muir - Financial Chair Marion Schaffer - Youth Coordinator Magnus McDermid - Fundraising Chair Dominica Pepe - Secretary and Last but by no means least... Ron Toufar Communications/Media Coordinator